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New Bot Store – the Grand Opening!

SmartBots Bot Store Grand OpeningThe SmartBots Bot Store has been launched! Now you can make quick purchases of modules or add-on’s that work with your bots or groups.

The bot store also supports 3rd-party products! If you want your product listed please contact SmartBots Support.

You can access the store by clicking this link:

Selective group prolongation from Wallet

Wallet: the safety of your SmartBots subscriptionsSmartBots Wallet automatically prolongs your group and bot subscription, even if you don’t log in for weeks.

Now you can select which group should not be prolonged automatically. By default all groups are subject for an automatic prolongation but you can change it: this is being done at “group settings”

Developers: pay attention to your bot type

HTTP API restrictions for some commandsSome SmartBots HTTP API commands work with a specific bot type only. For example, avatar_groups command works with Standard bots and can not be used with Model bots. This is because of resources these commands consume: Model bots are light-weight and can’t carry heavy commands.

The required bot type can be found in SmartBots documentation (see avatar_groups as an example).

If you are using a bot of a wrong type, system sends you an IM asking to update your bot. The update procedure is easy and described here.

New HTTP API commands: picks, name2key and key2name

Second Life name2key and key2name, also avatar picksWe’ve added three new HTTP API commands for developers:

  • avatar_picks – retrieve current picks of a specific avatar
  • name2key – famous Second Life name to UUID resolution routine
  • key2name – opposite routine, retrieve name by UUID

avatar_picks returns the parcel UUIDs and pick names. This allows easily checking if avatar currently holds a certain parcel in his picks.

name2key (and its twin, key2name) are essential routines to work with avatars, visitors, delivering messages and checking any in-world data.

You can find documentation on all new functions in SmartBots HTTP API documentation.

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