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SmartShare Tenant Inviter v1.1 update

SmartShare Tenant Inviter is the system which allows your tenants inviting the guests and partners to your home group, and keep their activity under your control.

Automatic management, land owner’s web console, complete invite/eject history – you get this with SmartShare Tenant Inviter! Read more at SSTI’s SL marketplace page.

New in version 1.1:

  • Refined tenant’s menu to easily invite/eject friends
  • Editable tenants help notecard
  • Residents search function in web console

Bulk group invitations delivery

It’s possible to send the group invitation to multiple residents at time now (do the mass invitation to the group).

SmartBots Group Inviter service now supports bulk invitations: you specify the list of the residents and we deliver invitations to all of them.

We also send the IM to all recipients to explain them why do they get the group invitation (this also helps to stay in touch if they were offline during the delivery).

To ensure the spamless nature of the service our editor approves all orders before sending them out.