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Inviter Plugin for HippoVend!

HippoVend Plugin!

A new plugin created by Compilance Productions has been added to the bot store!

The Group Inviter plugin for HippoVend is packed with the following features:

  • Direct group invitations to your customers after a completed purchase
  • Customize the default group role and the welcome message text
  • No spam and no lag
  • A single, secure, tiny mono script
  • Quick & easy set-up and installation

For a full list of the features please visit this plugin’s bot store page.

Invite-on-Rez script available

The new Invite-on-Rez Script available now! This script sends a direct group invitation when buyer rez your box.

You can buy the script in SmartBots SL Store for L$5 only. The script is open-source, you can use it as-is or modify and distribute it freely.

See documentation for more info!


SmartShare Tenant Inviter v1.1 update

SmartShare Tenant Inviter is the system which allows your tenants inviting the guests and partners to your home group, and keep their activity under your control.

Automatic management, land owner’s web console, complete invite/eject history – you get this with SmartShare Tenant Inviter! Read more at SSTI’s SL marketplace page.

New in version 1.1:

  • Refined tenant’s menu to easily invite/eject friends
  • Editable tenants help notecard
  • Residents search function in web console

Group Inviter plugin for Alika Rent

We’ve developed the group inviter plugin for Alika Rent system. Alika Rent is low-lag rental system, all scripts (including SmartBots plugin) are located in the server object rather than populating the rental boxes.

The plugin is available for purchase in our SL Marketplace store.

Installation is very easy: unpack the box, drop script and config notecard to the Alika Rent server. Edit config notecard and – voila! – installation complete.

The additional information and feature list is available in SmartBots Documentation.

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