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Support Prim: configurable support inviter

Support PrimThe new Support Prim device, when configured properly, will command your bot to send a support invitation message which can be configured via notecard or from the Support Bot settings page (if you have the module).


  • Free! (just visit any of our device vendors in-world)
  • Image is modifiable
  • Works independently (needs a personal bot)
  • Works great with Support Bot
  • Available in black or white

For more information please see our wiki page.


“Login to last location” is a separate option

Second life bot login home optionYou may received a message from you bot recently asking to teleport it from Linden’s welcome hub.

This happened because your region has been restarted and your bot got teleported to a Linden’s hub automatically. If your bot had no “home location” URL set, it was not possible to teleport back to your region.

Thus, we’ve added the new separate checkbox to control your bot behaviour:


Checking this option makes bot to login to last location, regardless of “home URL”. In this case the “home URL” is being used when bot finds itself in a completely wrong location (e.g. Linden’s hub).

Read the documentation page to know more about this option. We are sorry if your bot teleports caused any inconvenience recently, and encourage you to review your bot’s home URL right away.

Facebook Raffle!

SmartBots RaffleAs SmartBots is now on Facebook, we’ve decided to give all of our customers a chance to win L$2000 each week!

Every Friday, we will be releasing a raffle post on our Facebook page, simply share the post and comment with a screenshot of your business using SmartBots and one winner will be randomly picked!

Read the raffle documentation at:

Visit our Facebook page:

How To Enter:

  1. Take a sceenshot of your company in-world with one of SmartBots devices visible (see here).
  2. Visit our Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button.
  3. Find the most recent raffle post.
  4. Share it and comment with your screenshot. We suggest to include your business SLURL, this works as a promo for you too.
  5. Good luck!


Raffle Rules:

  • One winner is being picked each week on a Friday.
  • To be entered for the raffle, the comment must follow the guidelines.
  • The prize is being added to the winner’s SmartBots Wallet.
  • If you have any questions, contact GTASkinCentral Resident in-world!

New Mesh Devices!

We are redesigning! Several new mesh devices have been created:New Mesh Devices

  • New device vendor with a brand new menu and much more items
  • New mesh interfaces (both white and black)
  • Franchise package has been updated (now includes our new mesh logo!)
  • Brand new inviter flag


You can obtain any of these by clicking on our device container at our in-world store.

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