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RLV module supports Model Bots

July 12, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

RLV support for your Second Life botRLV module has been updated to support Model Bots.

Actually, I believe we should enable the Model Bot support from the very beginning… despite of the fact that this module loads bot’s brains rather heavy. Anyway, it is time to give few lessons to Model Bots, too!

You can purchase an RLV module for your Model bot right now. To make your purchase even more pleasant use this coupon: OBEYOBEYOBEY. It provides 30% discount (this is a time-limited offer, ends in 2 weeks).

P.S. We did a lot of tests with actual RLV devices, but some of your beloved features may be still missed. Don’t hesitate to contact us and request your RLV device to work! (For VERY special devices you even can contact us anonymously!)

Bot HUD v4.0 has been released!

July 10, 2016 by Quincy Johnes

New Second Life bot control HUDA new version of Personal Bot HUD is now available. This is a mostly technical update: we’ve rewritten the codebase of the device completely.

The HUD scripts require less memory and contact main server in a more secure way than before.

The new HUD also introduces a user interface improvement. Now, when you make your bot sit down on object you highlight, bot verifies if it actually sees your selection beam (sometimes viewer settings prevent your beam to appear in-world).

You can get a new version of the HUD by:

Bots and Linden Welcome Regions

January 28, 2015 by Glaznah Gassner

Bots in Welcome AreasAs you may know, bots are not welcome in Linden Welcome Areas – they are allowed to appear here but can’t stay and annoy people, especially newcomers.

In SmartBots we obey the rules and try to keep bots away from Welcome Areas. However this may happen if your region is being restarted: your bots will be put to the nearest Infohub automatically.

Previously bots were automatically logging out if they stay in Infohub for a long time (15+ minutes), notifying the owner using IM. Today we’ve slightly changed this behaviour: bots residing in Welcome Regions will logout, but try to login again in 30 minutes. If your region still offline, bot will go offline again and try logging in next 30 minutes.

Thus, now you won’t end with a logged out bot, even after a rolling region restart.

“Login to last location” is a separate option

October 27, 2014 by Glaznah Gassner

Second life bot login home optionYou may received a message from you bot recently asking to teleport it from Linden’s welcome hub.

This happened because your region has been restarted and your bot got teleported to a Linden’s hub automatically. If your bot had no “home location” URL set, it was not possible to teleport back to your region.

Thus, we’ve added the new separate checkbox to control your bot behaviour:


Checking this option makes bot to login to last location, regardless of “home URL”. In this case the “home URL” is being used when bot finds itself in a completely wrong location (e.g. Linden’s hub).

Read the documentation page to know more about this option. We are sorry if your bot teleports caused any inconvenience recently, and encourage you to review your bot’s home URL right away.

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