Simple Inviter add-on released

The new Simple Inviter add-on has been released! It allows you quickly inviting people to your group using the simple web page.

All you have to do is to:

  1. Select the group and role
  2. Type the resident’s name
  3. Click “Invite”

The greeting IM

You can also supply the greeting IM which will be delivered along with the group invitation. The IM supports variables (like “resident’s first name”) so you won’t need to re-type the IM every time you invite someone:

Add-on does not need any setup. Just grab it in Bots Store and attach to the bot.

Invitation history

Add-on keeps the history of all invitations sent.

The history list is able to detect if resident has joined the group. To enable this, list your Second Life group with SmartBots.

The add-on is free, try it now!


A public Q&A conference – August 22nd

Hello there!

My name is Glaznah Gassner, I am a creator of SmartBots.

We usually answer your questions in person: either using IM in SL or using the web chat. I’ve decided to give a try and run the first public Question & Answer conference tomorrow, on August 22nd at 09:00 SLT. Everyone is welcome, both customers of SmartBots and other SL residents.

The conference will be held in SmartBots official group chat (“search for “SmartBots: group invitation bots”). I recommend everyone joining this group right away, as it is a useful source of notifications and information.

The conference plan is the following:

  1. 09:00 SLT – Introduction. I will tell a bit about SmartBots. Few words about our crew, technology and such.
  2. 09:05 – Q&A session. You will be able to ask your questions by sending them to me by IM. I will repeat them in a group chat and reply.
  3. ??:?? – Personal Q&As. After finishing the public part you will be able to ask me personal questions in IM.

All communications will be text-chat based, to make possible using of automatic translators for those who need them.

The intro part will take about 5 minutes. The Q&A session time is not limited and depends on a number of your questions. You can ask any kind of questions except the account support ones: it is better to address them directly to our Support Crew.

The public group chat logs will get published once the conference is over, so you’ll be able to read it even if you miss the meeting. See you tomorrow!

Sincerely yours,
Glaznah Gassner

The minor maintenance turning to epic crash… and some data loss

If you saw SmartBots website offline today, we are really sorry for that! This was a result of an epic crash we’ve faced today. The techy details follow for those who interested or curios.

Once is a chance

We’ve decided to run a minor maintenance this morning. It was supposed to be a regular replacement of an SSD drive (these drives get worn out every 1.5 – 2 years). The drives (say, A and B) are joined into the RAID array, so it was enough to pull out one drive (drive B) and insert a fresh one. (more…)

Today’s bot outages (the techy post)

Some bots went offline today, which led to web account outages. The reason was one of our bot servers which has died because of a hard drive failure. The affected bots were quickly moved to a nearby server… which got crashed under the extra load, too. This was unexpected.

The good news is that while our server team was trying to reanimate these machines, the development team managed to develop the system which allows SmartBots to quickly detach (or, say, temporary forget) any set of broken bots. This will also help during SL rolling restarts, when large random sets of bots fall offline.

We are sorry if your bots were offline today. Everything is running smoothly now!

P.S. We are going to completely replace the second, unreliable server tomorrow. All bots are expected to stay online during the migration.

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