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Bot RLV updates and improvements

SmartBots Bot RLV add-on has been updated. New commands are supported:

  • detachallthis
  • setgroup / getgroup
  • getstatusclear
  • a bunch of restriction commands (tploctplm and such)

Fixes have been applied, mostly related to folder manipulation (wear/takeoff multiple items at time). Finally, the RLV security has been improved.

RLV add-on can be purchased in Bot Store(more…)

RLV Support Add-On Updated!

This blog is addressed to recent issues regarding RLV Support add-on. For the past few days our team has been working on improving the stability and functionality of the following add-on.

The following fixes are applied:

  • RLV dialogs now begin responding faster after bot relog (few seconds instead of minute)
  • Items lock/unlock now properly working
  • Worn items displayed correctly in RLV folder dialogs
  • Improved compatibility with a lot of RLV devices

If you have any devices which have compatibility issues, please contact our 24/7 Support Team

RLV module supports Model Bots

RLV support for your Second Life botRLV module has been updated to support Model Bots.

Actually, I believe we should enable the Model Bot support from the very beginning… despite of the fact that this module loads bot’s brains rather heavy. Anyway, it is time to give few lessons to Model Bots, too!

You can purchase an RLV module for your Model bot right now. To make your purchase even more pleasant use this coupon: OBEYOBEYOBEY. It provides 30% discount (this is a time-limited offer, ends in 2 weeks).

P.S. We did a lot of tests with actual RLV devices, but some of your beloved features may be still missed. Don’t hesitate to contact us and request your RLV device to work! (For VERY special devices you even can contact us anonymously!)

Try the RLV module today – 70% off!

20150714---RLV-availableThe RLV support module is now available in the bot store! It has just been developed so we are offering it at a 70% discount until July 31st. Try it with you favorite RLV devices and if any features are missing please let us know so we can update the module.

To get the module at 70% off use the coupon code – TRYRLV which expires July 31st.

For more information about the module please visit this link, the module can be purchased from the bot store. All updates with any module are always free and are automatically applied when available.

Note: The RLV module currently only works with standard personal bots.