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Live IMs page badges

November 22, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

Live IMs module unread messages badgeLive IMs is an extremely popular SmartBots module for Second Life bots which allows talking through your bot.

About module: you can receive messages, reply to them and compose new conversations via web page. All messages go through your bot so it is an ideal solution for an office greeter or a support bot (our staff use it for support, too).

What’s new: to make your work with Live IMs a bit more convenient, we’ve added a badge displaying the number of unread messages.

This badge helps you noticing new messages.

A bit more info about Live IMs:

And a special discount coupon: get Live IMs with 25% discount: NOWIWONTMISS (available within next 3 days).

Simple IM Autoresponder update (coupon inside)

November 2, 2016 by Quincy Johnes

Simple autoresponder for Second Life botsSimple IM Autoresponder is a module which adds a bit of interactivity to your personal bot. Basically, it allows to react on certain keywords in residents’ IMs.

This module is very popular addon at SmartBots. We just updated the module’s functionality:

  • bot is now able to send a group invitation in response to resident’s IM,
  • inventory delivery chooser has been improved,
  • configuration page asks for a confirmation if you have unsaved changes,
  • finally, the page has been refashioned (this has been done to match our design guidelines).


Sim Governor supports Trusted Managers

July 22, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

Sim Governor module now supports Trusted ManagersSim Governor module now can be controlled by Trusted Managers.

This means that you can provide region control rights to your bot, and then let your employees kick greefers, eject and ban abusers from the whole sim (or all your estates).

With a Sim Governor module, your managers do not get access to the dangerous settings like “Agent Limit” or “Object bonus”, or a terrain level editor.

You can get the Sim Governor module in our Store. Use the coupon code IAMGOVERNOR to get a 30% discount!

Waypoints Just Got WAY Better!

January 12, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

Waypoints for second life bots updatedThe Waypoints Navigator module has been updated! We’ve added 3 new commands:

  • Sit Command – Instruct your bot to sit on any object in the sim easily by entering the objects UUID
  • Stand – Tried of making your bot sit? Tell it to stand!
  • Wait For Message – Now you can instruct your bot to wait for a specific IM message to continue processing commands, note that the exact message must be sent, useful if you want to create a secret phrase to start navigating

A new option has also been added – Restart if Stuck, enable this checkbox to make your bot start over if it gets stuck during a walk or run command.

Amazing waypoints-based guided tour

Check the amazing project by Canary Beck: the Basilique region. The thirty minute tour uses more that 250 waypoints to guide you through the whole region:

Basilique Tour Route

Read an article written by Canary Beck and check the live tours here.


For a limited time only enter coupon code “GUIDEME” for 25% off of the Waypoints Navigator module!

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