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Another waypoints update for waypoints-pros!

Waypoints module Waypoints for second life bots updatedis one of the most popular add-on for SmartBots bots. It allows writing step-by-step instructions for your bot: walk here, turn, say that etc.

Despite of its simplicity, waypoints editor also allows composing complex instructions: for location guides (take a look in SmartBots office) or even cyborg bowling players (subscribe to SmartBots blog updates for upcoming video!).

For our waypoint professionals, we’ve added new commands to the Waypoints editor:

  • TOUCH – touch a prim
  • KEY PRESS – imitate keyboard press (like bot using a viewer)
  • REPEAT – repeat some of your commands over and over

These commands are intended for advanced users, but they allow creating truly amazing alive bots! Check the Waypoints module in our Store.