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SmartBots 10th Anniversary discount sprints

Since 2010, SmartBots has changed the way thousand of customers use Second Life!

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2020. To end the year in thrilling way, we are starting discount sprints: a new discount every week, starting from October 1st.

We call it “Do more with SmartBots” series!

Do more with SmartBots #01

The first discount sprint is starting!
Use the coupon code DOMORESB01 to get 15% discount on Alive Support Bot add-on.

Being in touch with your customers has never been more important, thinking about it, SmartBots created the Alive Support Bot, to bring your customers closer and making the services more agile.

Starts on October 1st ends on October 5th (yep, the first sprint is shorter than others).
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New HTTP APIs for developers

Hello everyone!

During the last few months we were working on SpeedLight (the first and only Second Life web and mobile viewer). This does not mean we’ve forgot about SmartBots! Nope. SpeedLight runs on SmartBots engine and we added a lot of new features to the engine.

Now it is time to bring these new features to SmartBots users!

We are starting with a new HTTP API command and an updated HTTP callback feature:

  • parcel_eject – the command to eject (and probably ban) another avatar from bot’s parcel
  • the bunch of HTTP callback events – including “nearby avatars, teleport/friendship/inventory offers and more

What’s next?

We will be adding more features to API soon. Also, the Bots Playgroups (the JavaScript bots programming tool) will get updates. Finally, we did a new security-related add-on for your bots. Testing it now, to be released this month!

Thank you for staying with us, and stay tuned! :)