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7 Days of Christmas with SmartBots!

Merry Christmas!

SmartBots had a lot of great products and improvements in 2022. We are excited for what’s to come – it will be truly amazing indeed!

7 Days with SmartBots

We run a discount week at Bot Store this Christmas starting from Dec 25th through Jan 1st. There will be a new discount for each category every day. Remember to come back to this blogpost to check them out!

  • December 25th : 20% off every add-on under Talk & Chats category, coupon SB7T&CH2022
  • December 26th: 15% off every add-on under Entertainment category coupon SB7ENT2022
  • December 27th: 15 off every add-on under Movement & activity category, coupon SB7M&A2022
  • December 28th: 20% off every add-on under Business management category, coupon SB7B&M2022
  • December 29th: 20% off every add-on under Appearance category with coupon SB7APP2022
  • December 30th: 15% off every add-on under Bundles category, coupon SB7BUN2022
  • December 31st: 10% off every add-on unddr Immortal Bots category, coupon SB7IMM2022


Valentine’s Day Sale

The savings have never been sweeter, thanks to our Valentine’s Day deals!

But hurry up, these prices won’t last long! Don’t miss the chance to take your bot’s to the next level.

We present you the Valentine’s Day Sale: add-ons and immortal bundles with a great discount. (more…)

SmartBots 10th Anniversary discount sprints

Since 2010, SmartBots has changed the way thousand of customers use Second Life!

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2020. To end the year in thrilling way, we are starting discount sprints: a new discount every week, starting from October 1st.

We call it “Do more with SmartBots” series!

Do more with SmartBots #01

The first discount sprint is starting!
Use the coupon code DOMORESB01 to get 15% discount on Alive Support Bot add-on.

Being in touch with your customers has never been more important, thinking about it, SmartBots created the Alive Support Bot, to bring your customers closer and making the services more agile.

Starts on October 1st ends on October 5th (yep, the first sprint is shorter than others).
Subscribe to SmartBots blog and stay tuned!

And The Winners Are!

Thank you to all who participated in our SmartBots Christmas Special!

We are please to announce the winners below –

First place – Chaotic Paragorn

Second place – HunniHope

Third place – Juala

Winners will be advised and have had their accounts credited with their prize.

Keep an eye out for our next give away by following us on Discord & Facebook

Thank you from all of us here at SmartBots


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