SmartBots Black Friday Week!

We glad to serve you your Second Life business for more than 10 years!

SmartBots is the biggest Second Life bot hosting (and group tools) company! And working to deliver the best services with unbeatable prices and quality.

We present you the Black Friday Week specials: add-on bundles with a great discount. (more…)

Do more with Smartbots #03

What if you could make your bot more alive? We have an addon for that too! Hurry while it’s on sale!

Waypoints Navigator add-on allows you to make bot moving through the sim (or even multiple sims).

You can order bot to teleport, walk, run, chat and perform other commands.



The add-on is available both for Standard and Model bots, making this add-on a must-have plugin for your environment bots. You can make your mannequins or office bots to welcome visitors and display your location in a friendly manner.


Waypoints setup is very easy and completely web-based (see screenshots for details). Add new waypoints, re-order them and update when required.

You can see the demo bot in our office walking around.


Get the add-on

Use the coupon code DOMORESB03 to get 25% discount on Waypoints Navigator Bot add-on.

This offer is valid until October 19th.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support for any questions

Do more with SmartBots! #02

Rent out your Second Life group membership!
Group Tenancy allows you to invite resident to your group for a price and limited time.
Thus, resident pays the terminal and becomes your group tenant.
After the tenancy period expires, resident gets ejected from the group automatically.
You do not longer have to maintain members expiration lists manually. Your bot does everything for you!


Group Tenancy:


* Set the rent time and price (e.g. “L$99 for 7 days”)
* Set the retention period (e.g. “wait 1 day before ejection”)
* Works with closed membership groups
* Automatically invite tenant to the required role
* Automatically eject expired tenants
* Set up greeting/notification IMs
* View current tenants or the whole group members
* View payments history

Group Tenancy add-on is designed to help you renting out your SL group membership. The web interface provides an access to active members list, payment history and all group members.

The add-on also comes with special Group Tenancy terminal to allow your group members to pay for their membership.


Get the add-on

Use the coupon code DOMORESB02 to get 10% discount on Group Tenancy Bot add-on.

This offer is valid until October 12th.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support for any questions

SmartBots 10th Anniversary discount sprints

Since 2010, SmartBots has changed the way thousand of customers use Second Life!

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2020. To end the year in thrilling way, we are starting discount sprints: a new discount every week, starting from October 1st.

We call it “Do more with SmartBots” series!

Do more with SmartBots #01

The first discount sprint is starting!
Use the coupon code DOMORESB01 to get 15% discount on Alive Support Bot add-on.

Being in touch with your customers has never been more important, thinking about it, SmartBots created the Alive Support Bot, to bring your customers closer and making the services more agile.

Starts on October 1st ends on October 5th (yep, the first sprint is shorter than others).
Subscribe to SmartBots blog and stay tuned!

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