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Single page to control all Wallet payments

Control your wallet at SmartBotsYou may now disable certain groups and/or bots from being automatically prolonged (for example if you want some groups to expire).

To check the list of your automatically prolonged orders, visit the Wallet settings page in your account (located at the Wallet panel at the left of the page).

Sim Governor supports Trusted Managers

Sim Governor module now supports Trusted ManagersSim Governor module now can be controlled by Trusted Managers.

This means that you can provide region control rights to your bot, and then let your employees kick greefers, eject and ban abusers from the whole sim (or all your estates).

With a Sim Governor module, your managers do not get access to the dangerous settings like “Agent Limit” or “Object bonus”, or a terrain level editor.

You can get the Sim Governor module in our Store. Use the coupon code IAMGOVERNOR to get a 30% discount!

Web interfaces server maintenance scheduled

Scheduled maintenance notificationDear customers, we’ve scheduled a maintenance for a server which manages web interfaces (in few words, one drive within a RAID array went down. When this happens, it is advised to replace it immediately and then all other drives within RAID – they may fail within a short period of time, too).

There are two maintenance periods planned (both at Jul 22th):

  1. 07:30 SLT, 2-5 minutes
  2. 11:30 SLT, 2-5 minutes

The maintenance is not supposed to affect any connections at all, but we may need to reboot the server, be prepared for a 2-3 minutes web downtime. All bots are not affected with this maintenance.

Bots Playground launched at DevPortal

Second Life bots programming in JavascriptDear friends, I’m proud to inform you that we’ve launched the beta testing of Bots Playground: the sandbox to program your bots in Javascript.

Read more details in DevPortal blog post (we appreciate if you subscribe to DevPortal blog updates, too).

Free bot for developers

We treat developers as valuable friends of SmartBots. From now, if you are a developer in Second Life, and want to try developing things with SmartBots too (using new Bots Playground, HTTP API or AdminBot LSL library – whatever), you can request a free bot at SmartBots. This bot will remain free life-time (well, as long as you develop things for Second Life with SmartBots).

Proceed to the DevPortal blog for more details!

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