Group Tenancy add-on released!

Group Tenancy is a new add-on for Standard Personal Bots that allows renting out your Second Life group membership!

Group Tenancy invites residents to your group for a price and limited time. Thus, resident pays the terminal and becomes your group tenant. After the tenancy period expires, resident gets ejected from the group automatically.

You no longer have to maintain members expiration lists manually. Your bot does everything for you!

How it works

  1. You list your group with Group Tenancy, set the membership period & rez an in-world Terminal
  2. Visitor pays to the Payment Terminal
  3. Bot sends a group invitation
  4. …time passes
  5. Once a group membership period expires, bot ejects the resident from the group.

The add-on includes transactional IMs: the greeting message, payment reminder and ejection message.


See the first SmartBots Live Stream on YouTube

The first Live Stream record is available on YouTube:

We suggest turning on the video captions, YouTube did recognize them pretty well! You can also select to translate them to your language.

If you like the Live Stream format, subscribe to our channel and like the video! What do you prefer: Live Streams or pre-recorded tutorials? Or both?

Join the Live Stream next week, on Oct 21st!

Watch the first-ever SmartBots Live Stream next week!

Going live on Oct 21st, 15:00 SLT (live at SmartBots youtube channel – go and subscribe now!).

UPD: The recording of the Live Stream is available here.

The SmartBots Q&A Conference (2019-08-22) transcript

Hello there!

Yesterday we were holding a first Q&A Conference. This was a cool experience for us and everything went really great. We’ve talked with you in public, then I had several conversation in private IMs. Thank you everyone for coming!

The transcript of the public session is below, with the minimal changes. I believe we will hold the similar events in the future, too! I’ve just liked it, and you may have known a bit more about the project you love \(•◡•)/

Happy reading!


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