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Bots Playground launched at DevPortal

Second Life bots programming in JavascriptDear friends, I’m proud to inform you that we’ve launched the beta testing of Bots Playground: the sandbox to program your bots in Javascript.

Read more details in DevPortal blog post (we appreciate if you subscribe to DevPortal blog updates, too).

Free bot for developers

We treat developers as valuable friends of SmartBots. From now, if you are a developer in Second Life, and want to try developing things with SmartBots too (using new Bots Playground, HTTP API or AdminBot LSL library – whatever), you can request a free bot at SmartBots. This bot will remain free life-time (well, as long as you develop things for Second Life with SmartBots).

Proceed to the DevPortal blog for more details!

System Bot Maintenance

System Bot Maintenance

We’re currently experiencing issues with some of our system bots and are having to perform maintenance on them. The maintenance will take 1-2 days and each affected group will be added 1 week as compensation.

If you are eager to restore functionality, please contact support and we will transfer your group to another bot immediately.

Updates for Personal Bots

Second life bot returning to last locationNow you can login your bot where it was the last time by using login to last location. To configure your bot to login to its last location visit your Personal Bot Control Panel and click the home location (on the bottom left foot).

And a bit more… Is your bot boy or girl?

Has your bot change genders? Well then switch the image shown on its control panel! Simply click “switch image gender” on the bottom of its control panel to switch to either male or female!

New HTTP API Commands

We have added two new HTTP API commands:New HTTP API command: sit

touch prim:

Command the bot to touch a prim in-world using UUID

touch prim coord:

Command the bot to touch a prim at a certain coordinate

New feature!

We’ve also  added a new feature to the API documentation called InstAPI link. It allows developers to click the link in API documentation and get our API Test Suite filled with the necessary data. Developer just needs to put the bot name, bot access code and his developer’s key. Moreover, if developer already used the API Test Suite once, the bot name and other data will be substituted automatically.

You can view a list of all our HTTP API commands here.

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