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Model bots available – L$179 per week

A new kind of personal Second Life bots available with SmartBots: Model bots. These new bots can be used as models, mannequins, dancers and for beautification purposes.

Model bots can be controlled by SmartBots HUD, teleported and sitted on any prim. They are able to use AOs and autoreply IMs. The only difference between Standard bots and Model bots is that Model bots can not send group invitations, notices and listen to a group chat.

The price is L$179 per week.

You can change your bot type from Standard to Model and back in your SmartBots account.

MySmartBots – the official domain name of SmartBots

We are softly migrating SmartBots to the new domain name, This name is much easier to remember and it does not cause the possible mess-up with LL trademark policy.

You can use any name to access your account, there’s no difference if you are using one address or another. We will not disable the previous name ( and website will be always accessible at this address.

P.S. We’ve sent a notice to our customers recently with the new domain name mentioned, and some residents asked if this is actually SmartBots domain name. The answer is yes, this is an official SmartBots domain. Thank you for asking us – we appreciate your care!

Launching the Group Chat Translator service!

We are proud to present the new group service of SmartBots: the Group Chat Translator! This service provides you with a bot which translates all group chat to the language you specify.

How does it work?

For example, if you configure the translator to English, it will automatically translate all non-English messages:

[09:19] Glaznah Gassner: Проверка
[09:19] Fashion Firethorn translates Glaznah Gassner: Check 

The service costs L$39 per week and can be used with other services (Inviter, Notices) or without them. Please feel free to send us your wishes and comments!

The live translator is always working in “SmartBots: group invitation bots” group – you can join the group and test the translator yourself.

Using the Translator

We were testing this service in our groups for few weeks, and have to say that translator is a really amazing and funny addition to your chat!

You can turn the Chat Translator service for any of your groups in your account. The translator management device is available at SL Marketplace for free.

The report of the first BOTS shareholders meeting

We had the first SmartBots shareholders meeting today at SLCAPEX office. SmartBots creation history has been revealed, new product has been presented. The future plans and goals has been revealed as well.

The full meeting report is available in BOTS forum at SLCAPEX. Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Remember you can buy SL BOTS shares at SLCAPEX at any time. We have a nice video explaining how to create account and buy shares. This page also describes the benefits for customers buying BOTS shares.

Thank you for your business!
Glaznah Gassner

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