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Launching the Group Chat Translator service!

We are proud to present the new group service of SmartBots: the Group Chat Translator! This service provides you with a bot which translates all group chat to the language you specify.

How does it work?

For example, if you configure the translator to English, it will automatically translate all non-English messages:

[09:19] Glaznah Gassner: Проверка
[09:19] Fashion Firethorn translates Glaznah Gassner: Check 

The service costs L$39 per week and can be used with other services (Inviter, Notices) or without them. Please feel free to send us your wishes and comments!

The live translator is always working in “SmartBots: group invitation bots” group – you can join the group and test the translator yourself.

Using the Translator

We were testing this service in our groups for few weeks, and have to say that translator is a really amazing and funny addition to your chat!

You can turn the Chat Translator service for any of your groups in your account. The translator management device is available at SL Marketplace for free.