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Todays bots’ downtime compensation

Unscheduled maintenanceDear customers,

Today we were updating one of the bot servers and it got stuck during the reboot. The operation which usually takes 2 minutes took much more time to complete.

We have several backup servers (to be used when primary machine is offline) but we did a mistake: allowed the same set of OS updates to be installed automatically on backup machines upon boot. No wonder we’ve got few more offline bricks within the next hour :)

I’m deeply sorry for the outage, we will add 3 complete days to all affected bots (1 to compensate the outage and 2 more to thank you for understanding). Indeed, we are also doing some changes to our backup servers management policy!

Thank you for your continued business!
Glaznah Gassner
SmartBots CEO

No more dancing with strangers!

No unwilling dancing animations anymore!SmartBots bots are able to accept script animation requests (the ones with a permission request pop-up). It was a bit annoying that they were accepting all requests (which made them being bitten, dancing with strangers etc).

We’ve just added a new option which enables your bot to decline animation requests. There are a few options: accept everything (the old behavior), accept no animations or accept only the owner’s animations (the new default).


You can set the desired behavior in Bot’s control panel:

Second Life bot animation configuration

Please note that it may take a few hours to update all bots to the new software version. If you experience any issues with the new option, please contact SmartBots Support.

Waypoints Just Got WAY Better!

Waypoints for second life bots updatedThe Waypoints Navigator module has been updated! We’ve added 3 new commands:

  • Sit Command – Instruct your bot to sit on any object in the sim easily by entering the objects UUID
  • Stand – Tried of making your bot sit? Tell it to stand!
  • Wait For Message – Now you can instruct your bot to wait for a specific IM message to continue processing commands, note that the exact message must be sent, useful if you want to create a secret phrase to start navigating

A new option has also been added – Restart if Stuck, enable this checkbox to make your bot start over if it gets stuck during a walk or run command.

Amazing waypoints-based guided tour

Check the amazing project by Canary Beck: the Basilique region. The thirty minute tour uses more that 250 waypoints to guide you through the whole region:

Basilique Tour Route

Read an article written by Canary Beck and check the live tours here.


For a limited time only enter coupon code “GUIDEME” for 25% off of the Waypoints Navigator module!