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Waypoints Just Got WAY Better!

Waypoints for second life bots updatedThe Waypoints Navigator module has been updated! We’ve added 3 new commands:

  • Sit Command – Instruct your bot to sit on any object in the sim easily by entering the objects UUID
  • Stand – Tried of making your bot sit? Tell it to stand!
  • Wait For Message – Now you can instruct your bot to wait for a specific IM message to continue processing commands, note that the exact message must be sent, useful if you want to create a secret phrase to start navigating

A new option has also been added – Restart if Stuck, enable this checkbox to make your bot start over if it gets stuck during a walk or run command.

Amazing waypoints-based guided tour

Check the amazing project by Canary Beck: the Basilique region. The thirty minute tour uses more that 250 waypoints to guide you through the whole region:

Basilique Tour Route

Read an article written by Canary Beck and check the live tours here.


For a limited time only enter coupon code “GUIDEME” for 25% off of the Waypoints Navigator module!

New HTTP API command: sit

New HTTP API command: sitWe’ve added the new command to Bot HTTP API: sit.

This command instructs bot to sit on a specific prim or stand up.

Additional parameter allows saving the object as a permanent sitting location of the bot: bot will sit on it again after logging in (after a sim restart, network reconnection or manual logoff/login sequence).

More information and examples are available in HTTP API documentation.

P.S. This command has been added by a request of a SmartBots’ customer. Thank you for using our APIs!