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Wiki now commentable

Docs_Comments Have a question or comment about SmartBots documentation page? Ask away!

You can now leave comments on our documentation pages. Feel free to try it today! Just scroll down to the bottom of any one of our documentation pages.

We welcome questions, wishes and feature requests posted there. The support requests will be processed as well but we recommend using the live chat for this.

Proceed to SmartBots documentation!

Sim Governor Update

Sim_Governor_Return_Objects The Sim Governor Module has been updated! Now you can return objects owned by a specific resident using the Sim Governor Module. The following options are available:

  • Return all scripted objects belonging to the specified resident
  • Return all objects that belong to the resident that is in another resident’s parcel
  • Return all objects belonging to the specified resident

Note: You can return all scripted objects belonging to a resident that is in another residents parcel by combining 1 and 2.

To buy the Sim Governor Module please visit this page.

Upcoming maintenance – rolling restart @09:00 AM SLT

Upcoming maintenance notificationWe will be rebooting the server cluster to install OS updates today at 09:00 AM SLT. Bots will go offline for 5-10 minutes.

If you experience any further difficulties, feel free to send a message to SmartBots official group chat.

Trusted managers – now able to teleport bots

Manager_Teleport_UpdateTrusted managers are now able to teleport bots in-world directly from their viewer. If your parcel only allows teleporting to a landing point this allows them to teleport bots inside the parcel.

To make your bot recognize the manager:

  1. Create new trusted manager account for manager (if one doesn’t already exist)
  2. Ask manager to teleport the bot once (will arrive at the parcel landing point)

After using the HUD the bot will remember the manager and accept further teleport commands.

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