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[Completed] Upcoming upgrade for SmartBots

We will be performing a big system upgrade tomorrow, Jun 14th.

What is expected to happen:

  • Your bots will remain safe and operational during this update.
  • The website, in-world HUDs and terminals may experience approximately 1 hour of downtime.

The update is scheduled to commence at 00:00 SLT on Jun 14th.

Marvellous SmartBots Support Team will be wide awake and ready to assist you throughout this period.

Important! Upcoming maintenance on May 11th

Scheduled maintenance notificationDear SmartBots Customers,

On May 11th our provider will be running the data center upgrades and the whole cluster of SmartBots servers will become unavailable for 1-3 hours between 5AM and 5PM GMT (5:00 to 17:00 GMT). We will settle all bots to the temporary servers to keep all of them online. However, the web interface will be offline, and you won’t be able to use HUDs and other in-world devices.

To summarize:

  • Maintenance is expected to take 1-3 hours
  • Maintenance will start on May 11th at 5AM GMT
  • Bots will still online
  • Web servers and in-world devices will be offline

Contact our support in case you get any questions!
We will stay online during the whole migration period.

Web interfaces server maintenance scheduled

Scheduled maintenance notificationDear customers, we’ve scheduled a maintenance for a server which manages web interfaces (in few words, one drive within a RAID array went down. When this happens, it is advised to replace it immediately and then all other drives within RAID – they may fail within a short period of time, too).

There are two maintenance periods planned (both at Jul 22th):

  1. 07:30 SLT, 2-5 minutes
  2. 11:30 SLT, 2-5 minutes

The maintenance is not supposed to affect any connections at all, but we may need to reboot the server, be prepared for a 2-3 minutes web downtime. All bots are not affected with this maintenance.

Upcoming web interface update, 10:00am SLT

Scheduled maintenance notificationThe web interface of SmartBots will be shut down today, Jun 29th at 10:00 AM SLT. The estimated downtime is about 5 minutes.

All bots will stay online. Update affects the web front-end servers only.

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