Today’s bot outages (the techy post)

Some bots went offline today, which led to web account outages. The reason was one of our bot servers which has died because of a hard drive failure. The affected bots were quickly moved to a nearby server… which got crashed under the extra load, too. This was unexpected.

The good news is that while our server team was trying to reanimate these machines, the development team managed to develop the system which allows SmartBots to quickly detach (or, say, temporary forget) any set of broken bots. This will also help during SL rolling restarts, when large random sets of bots fall offline.

We are sorry if your bots were offline today. Everything is running smoothly now!

P.S. We are going to completely replace the second, unreliable server tomorrow. All bots are expected to stay online during the migration.

Important! Upcoming maintenance on May 11th

Scheduled maintenance notificationDear SmartBots Customers,

On May 11th our provider will be running the data center upgrades and the whole cluster of SmartBots servers will become unavailable for 1-3 hours between 5AM and 5PM GMT (5:00 to 17:00 GMT). We will settle all bots to the temporary servers to keep all of them online. However, the web interface will be offline, and you won’t be able to use HUDs and other in-world devices.

To summarize:

  • Maintenance is expected to take 1-3 hours
  • Maintenance will start on May 11th at 5AM GMT
  • Bots will still online
  • Web servers and in-world devices will be offline

Contact our support in case you get any questions!
We will stay online during the whole migration period.

Todays bots’ downtime compensation

Unscheduled maintenanceDear customers,

Today we were updating one of the bot servers and it got stuck during the reboot. The operation which usually takes 2 minutes took much more time to complete.

We have several backup servers (to be used when primary machine is offline) but we did a mistake: allowed the same set of OS updates to be installed automatically on backup machines upon boot. No wonder we’ve got few more offline bricks within the next hour :)

I’m deeply sorry for the outage, we will add 3 complete days to all affected bots (1 to compensate the outage and 2 more to thank you for understanding). Indeed, we are also doing some changes to our backup servers management policy!

Thank you for your continued business!
Glaznah Gassner
SmartBots CEO

Inviter Interface issues?

We Need You To DO Something!

During the past few days we have been migrating one of our most important servers over to a new one, due to this some interfaces were broken and invitations were not being sent.

If your interfaces have stopped working, you will need to touch them once to re-configure them! When you touch the interface you will be greeted with either:

  • “Your Interface Device has been fixed! Thank you for your help!” which means your interface has been fixed!
  • The interface menu appears, your interface was never broken!

If you require any additional help, our support team are always able to assist via our live chat our in-world support.