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Second Life group direct invitation bots

New AI autoresponder instead of Pandora

Google API.AI chatbots for Second Life botsAs you may know, SmartBots was using AI chatbots made by Pandorabots.

Pandorabots was a free service at the beginning, but then they switched to a paid model (quite expensive as you may see). However, for several years the old-good free Pandorabot API was working along with a paid version, and our bots were using it. Today, it seems that free features of Pandorabot have gone completely – the old address is not responding anymore.

Meet Google’s API.AI

Thus, we’ve examined the AI chatbots market and decided to switch to Google’s API.AI ( This is an awesome AI chatbot service which has a single disadvantage compared to Pandorabots: the default chatbot setup is rather dumb and requires training. Well, we will.

Some of SmartBots bots already respond using API.AI, while some are still trying to reach Pandora. This will be solved within a next rolling restart.

Custom AI

As you may know, previously you were able to setup your own AI chatbot with Pandorabots. API.AI also allows using custom chatbots, so you are welcome to create account at, create your own AI chatbot and train it. Once you are done, please contact us to connect your AI chatbot with SmartBots (this is not an automatic procedure yet but it will).

Todays bots’ downtime compensation

Unscheduled maintenanceDear customers,

Today we were updating one of the bot servers and it got stuck during the reboot. The operation which usually takes 2 minutes took much more time to complete.

We have several backup servers (to be used when primary machine is offline) but we did a mistake: allowed the same set of OS updates to be installed automatically on backup machines upon boot. No wonder we’ve got few more offline bricks within the next hour 🙂

I’m deeply sorry for the outage, we will add 3 complete days to all affected bots (1 to compensate the outage and 2 more to thank you for understanding). Indeed, we are also doing some changes to our backup servers management policy!

Thank you for your continued business!
Glaznah Gassner
SmartBots CEO

Linden Lab bot policy changes

SmartBots will be available in Italian, German, Russian and Polish. More languages are coming!The new Linden Lab Bot Policy has been published on Dec 11th.  If you did not see the new policy yet, you can view it here (or view the changes by comparing policy revisions).

Free-to-spam group IMs and notices

The changes make bots which use free-to-spam groups prohibited. Although they are able to send messages to smaller groups, bots will only be able to send a few messages to groups with a few thousand members and completely unable to message groups with 5,000+ members.

Please note that it is not allowed to own multiple bots to bypass this limit. Even if your bots are operating under SmartBots control, this restriction remains in effect, even if you try creating multiple SmartBots accounts. Linden Lab takes this very seriously, and so do we.

Other services

Group inviters, greeters and support bots are not affected (unless they send more than 5,000 invitations per day). We will continue developing SmartBots Support Bot and alive bots to enhance your environment. SmartBots group chat monitoring and group moderators are also not affected.

As you may see the new policy mostly restricts the functionality of spam bots. Bots which enhances the Second Life experience, NPCs, support bots and other helpful tools are not affected. We will try to get permission from Linden Lab to allow sending individual messages even to large groups (for example, moderator warnings to group chat, automatic chat translator messages etc).

Live SL group chat on your website – WebTalk

The completely new, brand and unique tool has been launched by SmartBots: WebTalk. This tool allows you to connect your web activity with Second Life, and allow your web visitors reading and talking in your Second Life group.

Web visitors authenticate themselves using Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Thus, logging to Second Life is not required at all. WebTalk remembers the SL name of the  authenticated person and will use it next time automatically.

Short FAQ

The following short FAQ explains the basics of WebTalk tool:

Q: How can I put WebTalk on my website?
A: This documentation page explains the WebTalk setup. Basically, you get HTML snippet code and put it on your website.

Q: Is it safe?
A: We’ve paid a lot of attention to the safety of the WebTalk. Besides the automatic spam checks, you can mute any user of the web using SmartBots Group Chat window.

Q: May I change WebTalk window appearance?
A: Yes, you may apply your own CSS file over WebTalk window, changing the appearance. Refer to this documentation page for details.

Please proceed to official WebTalk documentation page to see the screenshots and know more. The working WebTalk chat is also available at SmartBots contacts page.

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