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BETA Test the new Android App!

appHello Customers!

An Android application is currently being developed which allows you to control your SmartBot from your android device anywhere without logging into your SmartBot account! Features include:

  • Bot Management (Login/Logout bot)
  • View all groups available to your bot
  • Send Group Notices
  • Send Group IMs
  • And more (at users requests after app launch)!

If you are interested in beta testing this app please fill out the following Google form:

Please note that the App is not being developed by SmartBots, but by Chevonn Edelmann, an employee of the company.

Support Bot Update, Again!

Support Bot Update A new update has been published for the Support Bot module!

Now you can temporarily pause your Support Bot while you are actively using the Live IMs module by clicking the checkbox on the live IM page:


Special Discount:

Use the coupon code “IAMINCHARGE” to get 50% off on either the Support Bot or Live IMs module! Offer valid until January 4, 2016.

New HTTP API Commands

New HTTP API command: sit The HTTP API library has been expanded with two new commands:

give_money_object – Commands bot to send money to an object using its UUID. Please note that the bot and the object must be in the same sim.

rebake – Sends a query to the current sim asking it to rebake the bots textures and reload them (Server Side Appearance).

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment on the wiki page!


Take a peek at new Account Dashboard!

NewDash Try the new account dashboard today!

New features include:

  • New stylish design
  • Easier access various services and their sub-menus
  • Shows log of how many messages have been received in the group in the last 24 hrs
  • Sort groups based on your own custom tags

We are eager to hear what you think about the new dashboard. To access it just login and click on the banner on the left. The system will remember which dashboard you are using (old or new) and switch to it the next time you login. You can also switch back to the old one if you wish.

Please leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

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