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Bots Playground new bot commands and events

SmartBots Blog October 12, 2022 by Glaznah Gassner

SmartBots Bots Playground is a scripting sandbox to control Second Life bots with JavaScript.

We continue a massive update of Bots Playground. New commands and events are now available!

New commands

New events

  • region_restart – bot receives a region restart notification
  • region_restart_cancelled – bot receives a region restart cancellation notification
  • self_position – bot in-world location, position or heading changes
  • teleport_status – bot teleports, indicating various stages of the teleport
  • start_typing – another avatar starts typing in IM to the bot
  • stop_typing – another avatar stops typing in IM to the bot
  • login_error – bot is unable to login to Second Life

View events reference in Playground docs.

Other changes

  • variable now contains current script name
  • bare exit() function renamed to process.exit() (old exit() still works)
  • bare sleep() function renamed to process.sleep() (old sleep() still works)


New features are just deployed and may not be supported by QubicBot app. Use SmartBots-hosted bots for now.

The support will be included into upcoming QubicBot update.

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