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New Interface Device, new HUD, new API call

We’ve rolled out a bulk update of SmartBots essential devices: Interface Device and Personal Bot HUD.

Interface Device has been updated to version 4.2 (don’t worry if you’ve missed versions 4.0 and 4.1: they were technical releases, we did not announced them). The following changes have been made:

  • Fixed a bug which was eventually preventing inviter from working after rez
  • New Interface Device version is now delivered automatically if you use the old one
  • Local-chat API support has been completely removed. We suggest using Simple Group HTTP API instead.

Personal Bot HUD has been improved to version 3.8 with the following things updated:

  • Completely rewritten low-level structure to reduce lag
  • Improved stability while working with large amount of personal bots (unlimited now)
  • Fly on/off button has been added to the Movement Panel

New HUD version will be sent to you when you switch bots using the old version. You can request the new HUD immediately in your account (“Your personal bots” >> “Get bot control tools…”).

In addition to these updates, the move command of HTTP API has been improved: it now supports FLY instruction which enables or disables flying.

Bot Store: featuring Immortal Bots – special Christmas offer!

Dear customers! We are glad to inform you that we’ve opened the SmartBotsĀ Bot Store: the place to buy bots-related stuff: add-on modules, devices, advertising tools and other useful things.

The Bot Store

Bot Store is a new special marketplace at SmartBots. It is intended to sell various tools and devices which work with SmartBots.

It is not a replacement for SL Marketplace or in-world stores. It’s just a handy place for SmartBots customers to locate a useful device, tool or script which works with bots, groups or helps advertising.

Enter Bot Store by clicking on “Bot Store” menu in your SmartBots account.

Third-party Content

At the very beginning we will be selling our devices and modules in Bot Store. However, Bot Store supports third-party sellers: all developer will be able to sell their creations here: directly to the customers.

Immortal Model Bots

The very first bot module you can purchase in Bot Store is “Immortal Bot Module”. This is a special Christmas offer: the module makes your Model Bots never-expiring!

Yes, this means that you don’t need to pay subscription anymore after you assign Immortal Bot module to your Model bot.

Read more here about Immortal Bots here.





Add multiple groups with 1 click!

If your personal bot already contains 42 groups, adding them one-by-one is really boring.

We’ve added the form to add all bot groups to your SmartBots account with a single click. (more…)

New API commands: teleport, activate group, get parcel info

Three new HTTP API commands have been added to SmartBots:

  • teleport command which teleports bot to specific location
  • activate_group – activates the group of the bot. The command supports automatic activation of current parcel’s group.
  • parcel_info – command to fetch a lot of information about specific parcel

Click on the command name to read documentation and see examples.

Also, the HTTP API testing suite has been improved a bit. Thank you for your requests and suggestions!

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