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ToolBox 2013 – Developers contest

The 3rd anniversary of SmartBots arrives in February! We are celebrating this date by running a contest for developers – SmartBots ToolBox 2013!

All Second Life developers are welcome to participate in contest: create tools, devices or services which utilize SmartBots. This can be a tool designed especially for SmartBots, or device which uses SmartBots as addition.


The following 3 nominations will be awarded:

  • New Outstanding Idea – the most original idea
  • Top-notch User Interface – the most handy user interface
  • Business Booster – the most helpful idea for a SL business.

The winner in each nomination will get prizes, all participants get special bonuses from SmartBots and contest sponsors!


We welcome sponsors to join our efforts and help running the contest. In return, we provide special sponsors packages which helps promoting your Second Life business. See this page for more information on sponsorship.

More information

For more information: contest details, terms, rules – see special page in SmartBots documentation. Click here to learn more!

New API commands: teleport, activate group, get parcel info

Three new HTTP API commands have been added to SmartBots:

  • teleport command which teleports bot to specific location
  • activate_group – activates the group of the bot. The command supports automatic activation of current parcel’s group.
  • parcel_info – command to fetch a lot of information about specific parcel

Click on the command name to read documentation and see examples.

Also, the HTTP API testing suite has been improved a bit. Thank you for your requests and suggestions!