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New SmartBots device, and new plugin are available

We’ve released a new device and new plugin script today! Both devices were created on customers’ requests:

1. SmartBots Anti-Spam device

This is automatic device which monitors your Second Life group for spammers and beggars, and eject them from the group (with or without giving a warning).

Antispam device is very easy to configure (it supports words, phrases and wildcards) and lightweight (1 prim only).

It’s available at SL Marketplace already – click here.

2. Group Inviter plugin for IntelliAD

This is a plugin for famous adboard rental system developed by Intelli. We’ve created the group inviter plugin which invites your tenants to the group (any role, closed enrollment allowed) and ejects them when they got evicted.

Plugin is configurable using the config notecard and also available at SL Marketplace.

P.S. I really appreciate the help of our customers who helped developing and testing these products! Thank you very much!

News and upcoming updates

This blog entry consists of two parts: the notification about new functionality (related to group moderators and SSTI) and announcement of the bot scripting language.

Update: Group Moderators for SSTI

Group Moderators are now able to manage the SmartShare Tenant Inviter (SSTI) web interface. (Those who don’t know about SSTI please visit SL Marketplace page of this product).

Assigning SSTI group moderators is easy: login to SmartBots account and click “Group Moderators” at the left menu. You can add a new moderator to manage your SSTI web interface, or give this ability to the existing moderator.

Announcing Smart Bot Scripting Language (SBSL)

People who use SmartBots personal bots love gaining more and more control over their bot’s behavior. We’ve received three interesting requests during the last week (one came from the roleplay sim owner, and two related to the group chat and modelling bots). After discussing these requests we decided to start developing the bot scripting language – codename SBSL.

The bot’s script will instruct your bot how to react on various events (group and local chat messages, people coming by, inventory offers etc).

The language functionality will be announced later, however, it already contains the following commands:

  • local chat and group chat talking
  • group notices processing
  • inventory delivery
  • custom http queries to bot owner’s server

If you would like to request anything else to be added, please contact us. We are glad to hear all your wishes!

Bots appearing like clouds issue – fixed

Some personal bot owners reported a problem changing the bot’s appearance during the last few days: bot stuck as a “cloud”.

The issue has been fixed, and all bots appearance is back to normal now. If your SL bot is online, and  still a cloud, please use SmartBots HUD to:

  1. Logout the bot
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes
  3. Login it back

The bot’s appearance will be fixed.

New terminal available, commission up to 40%

New SmartBots payment terminal is available for public use!

This terminal is much easier to use than previous one. The most important feature is support of SmartBots Franchise we are testing now: the commission now varies from 5% (as before) and up to 40% for certified partners.

You can take terminal by visiting our office and clicking on the “Get Terminal” tab on the right side of the new terminal.

P.S. The information about SmartBots Franchise will be published in a while. IM Glaznah Gassner if you want to participate in testing the franchise.

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