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New Personal Bot HUD released – v5.0

SmartBots HUD history: from 2009 to 2016

SmartBots Personal Bot HUD allows you to control bots remotely: make it sit, stand, follow, rotate and perform other useful actions.

A new, completely refreshed version of Personal Bot HUD has been released today:

  • with some minor HUD interaction fixes,
  • powered by updated low-lag scripts,
  • including server-side updates to keep you informed about bot status,
  • and refreshed look and feel.

You can get your new HUD in SmartBots in-world office or by logging in to your account.

SmartBots HUD to Control Second Life Bot Movement

SmartBots HUD Device with the Movement Panel.As you may already know, SmartBots HUD Device is a special tool to gain control over your Second Life bot remotely. It provides essential functions to control your personal bot: Upload items to bot inventory, Teleport bot to your location, Sit, Stand etc.

There’s a new feature available with SmartBots HUD which allows moving your Second Life bot around with the movement tab. You are not limited to “Come to me” or “Teleport” functions anymore to place your bot at specific location.

Movement panel provides you with several options: forward, backward and rotation controls.

Testing new HUD

If you already purchased your personal Second Life bot with SmartBots, feel free to test out the new HUD yourself. You can get a new SmartBots HUD at the SmartBots Office (take it from The Payment Terminal or Devices Storage).

For more info check out a documentation page on SmartBots HUD.

News and upcoming updates

This blog entry consists of two parts: the notification about new functionality (related to group moderators and SSTI) and announcement of the bot scripting language.

Update: Group Moderators for SSTI

Group Moderators are now able to manage the SmartShare Tenant Inviter (SSTI) web interface. (Those who don’t know about SSTI please visit SL Marketplace page of this product).

Assigning SSTI group moderators is easy: login to SmartBots account and click “Group Moderators” at the left menu. You can add a new moderator to manage your SSTI web interface, or give this ability to the existing moderator.

Announcing Smart Bot Scripting Language (SBSL)

People who use SmartBots personal bots love gaining more and more control over their bot’s behavior. We’ve received three interesting requests during the last week (one came from the roleplay sim owner, and two related to the group chat and modelling bots). After discussing these requests we decided to start developing the bot scripting language – codename SBSL.

The bot’s script will instruct your bot how to react on various events (group and local chat messages, people coming by, inventory offers etc).

The language functionality will be announced later, however, it already contains the following commands:

  • local chat and group chat talking
  • group notices processing
  • inventory delivery
  • custom http queries to bot owner’s server

If you would like to request anything else to be added, please contact us. We are glad to hear all your wishes!