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We’re hiring!

Now Hiring!

Do you have any experience in customer service and want to work for SmartBots?

SmartBots is looking for one experienced international agent who will be online during the hours of 11pm to 8am SLT and will be able to respond to IMs as well as take live chat requests from customers on our website.

If you are interested, please fill out this form and we will respond to you if your application is successful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact GTASkinCentral Resident in-world.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sim Governor ‘Return Home’

We fixed it!There was an issue with the sim governor module which sometimes prevented the bot from returning home after performing tasks on sims, this has now been fixed and the steps to enable it are listed below:

  1. Visit your bot’s sim governor page.
  2. Select the sim you wish to change.
  3. Tick the ‘Teleport bot back after doing this restart’ box.
  4. Add the restart entry.

A screenshot is added below for a further explanation:

Try the RLV module today – 70% off!

20150714---RLV-availableThe RLV support module is now available in the bot store! It has just been developed so we are offering it at a 70% discount until July 31st. Try it with you favorite RLV devices and if any features are missing please let us know so we can update the module.

To get the module at 70% off use the coupon code – TRYRLV which expires July 31st.

For more information about the module please visit this link, the module can be purchased from the bot store. All updates with any module are always free and are automatically applied when available.

Note: The RLV module currently only works with standard personal bots.

Inviter Interface issues?

We Need You To DO Something!

During the past few days we have been migrating one of our most important servers over to a new one, due to this some interfaces were broken and invitations were not being sent.

If your interfaces have stopped working, you will need to touch them once to re-configure them! When you touch the interface you will be greeted with either:

  • “Your Interface Device has been fixed! Thank you for your help!” which means your interface has been fixed!
  • The interface menu appears, your interface was never broken!

If you require any additional help, our support team are always able to assist via our live chat our in-world support.