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Sim control API functions (LSL and HTTP)

New HTTP API command: simrestartWe are starting to publish the sim/region-related set of HTTP API functions. These functions allow restarting regions, returning objects, ejecting/banning residents.

The first function which is available already is simrestart. The function allows initiating the region restart (and canceling the procedure, too).

P.S. These API functions does not require a Sim Governor addon-module.

P.P.S. We’ve added a shorthand LSL function to call SmartBots API. While API is easily accessible in a raw way, using a function may be extremely handy.


Sim Governor ‘Return Home’

We fixed it!There was an issue with the sim governor module which sometimes prevented the bot from returning home after performing tasks on sims, this has now been fixed and the steps to enable it are listed below:

  1. Visit your bot’s sim governor page.
  2. Select the sim you wish to change.
  3. Tick the ‘Teleport bot back after doing this restart’ box.
  4. Add the restart entry.

A screenshot is added below for a further explanation:

The “Sim Governor” module has been released

Sim Governor module is released!We’ve released the “Sim Governor” module: the addon for your SmartBots bot to manage your sim!

The core functions of the module are:

  • Manage the sim access list (ban residents, add them to access list)
  • Eject residents without banning them
  • Send sim-wide messages
  • Restart the sim

Plus an unique feature beyond the SL viewer functionality:

  • Check the sim ban list for dead accounts.


“Sim Governor” module to manage your estates

SmartBots "Sim Governor" module announcementWe are starting the tests of a new SmartBots module, “Sim Governor”. This module allows remotely controlling your sim (or multiple sims) from a web page or from your scripts using SmartBots HTTP API.

All you need is your own bot added to the sim managers list. Bot processes your commands and manages the sim access lists and settings.