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New device available in Bot Store – EMU Visitor Board

NewEMUInviter A new device created by a customer has been added to the bot store!

The EMU Visitor Board is packed with the following features:

  • View total number of visitors
  • Landmark giver
  • Group Invitation (works with smartbots)
  • And more!

For a full list of the features please visit the item entry here. To add your item that uses SmartBots to the bot store please send a support ticket with a link to the item on the marketplace or contact any of our managers.

Support Prim: configurable support inviter

Support PrimThe new Support Prim device, when configured properly, will command your bot to send a support invitation message which can be configured via notecard or from the Support Bot settings page (if you have the module).


  • Free! (just visit any of our device vendors in-world)
  • Image is modifiable
  • Works independently (needs a personal bot)
  • Works great with Support Bot
  • Available in black or white

For more information please see our wiki page.


SmartBots devices updated

We’ve updated several SmartBots-powered devices today. The following devices were affected:

SmartBots Payment Terminal
updated to v2.9: the payment transaction processing has been improved

SSTI (SmartShare Tenant Inviter)
server-side updates: the invitation delivery is more reliabile now

AdminBot LSL Library
updated to v1.6:
– added new event, SB_SETUP_BOTNAME
 – AdminBot correctly saves the group chat sessions on sim restart

SmartBots AntiSpam
updated to v1.2: uses the new AdminBot and keeps the chat connection on sim restart

All these devices (and AdminBot LSL library) are available at SL Marketplace. AntiSpam, AdminBot and Terminal owners are highly recommended to update!

Go to SmartBots store at SL Marketplace >>

New terminal available, commission up to 40%

New SmartBots payment terminal is available for public use!

This terminal is much easier to use than previous one. The most important feature is support of SmartBots Franchise we are testing now: the commission now varies from 5% (as before) and up to 40% for certified partners.

You can take terminal by visiting our office and clicking on the “Get Terminal” tab on the right side of the new terminal.

P.S. The information about SmartBots Franchise will be published in a while. IM Glaznah Gassner if you want to participate in testing the franchise.