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Franchise Terminals have been updated

New Payment TerminalDear SmartBots Franchisees, the Terminal has been updated to version 3.3 today. Please pick up a new device in SmartBots office since previous versions won’t accept payments anymore.

You will get an automatic notification when your customers are trying to use your outdated Terminal. However, we advise to update your devices as soon as possible.

The new version (v3.3) provides more accurate partner’s payments delivery scheme, as well as some minor fixes.

New terminal available, commission up to 40%

New SmartBots payment terminal is available for public use!

This terminal is much easier to use than previous one. The most important feature is support of SmartBots Franchise we are testing now: the commission now varies from 5% (as before) and up to 40% for certified partners.

You can take terminal by visiting our office and clicking on the “Get Terminal” tab on the right side of the new terminal.

P.S. The information about SmartBots Franchise will be published in a while. IM Glaznah Gassner if you want to participate in testing the franchise.