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Server Side Appearance to be rolled out in July

SL server side appearanceLinden Lab has informed third-party viewer developers that a new avatar appearance engine, Server Side Appearance will be published grid-wide in July.

This means that multiple alpha layers and other appearance issues will be automatically resolved: SL servers will take care of avatar appearance and textures, and your bot’s look and feel won’t change when you switch control from a viewer to bot software.

We’ve tested SmartBots and our bots with LL representative recently to ensure that switching to Server Side Appearance won’t mess your bot skin and outfits. All tests have been passed smoothly, including meshes+multiple alpha layers.

Powerful inventory browser, appearance accelerator and APIs

We’ve published an important software update today, involving both bot software, website and our APIs.

Online Inventory Browser

The most noticeable update is the new Inventory Browser in bot control panel. Now you can browse bot’s folders and perform basic operations with these items:

  • wear and take off clothes
  • attach objects
  • change inventory objects’ permissions

This is just a first step to fully-functional inventory manager: we will add animation support, delivery and other features soon.


Bots appearing like clouds issue – fixed

Some personal bot owners reported a problem changing the bot’s appearance during the last few days: bot stuck as a “cloud”.

The issue has been fixed, and all bots appearance is back to normal now. If your SL bot is online, and  still a cloud, please use SmartBots HUD to:

  1. Logout the bot
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes
  3. Login it back

The bot’s appearance will be fixed.