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Powerful inventory browser, appearance accelerator and APIs

We’ve published an important software update today, involving both bot software, website and our APIs.

Online Inventory Browser

The most noticeable update is the new Inventory Browser in bot control panel. Now you can browse bot’s folders and perform basic operations with these items:

  • wear and take off clothes
  • attach objects
  • change inventory objects’ permissions

This is just a first step to fully-functional inventory manager: we will add animation support, delivery and other features soon.


Bots API update: reply dialog and attachments list

SmartBots HTTP API has been extended by adding two new functions:

  • reply_dialog
  • attachments

reply_dialog API call makes possible to send dialog replies to negative channels (say_chat_channel allows only zero and positive channels.

attachments API call can be used to get all attachments of your SL bot (including HUD attachments). The command supports several useful options to filter return values. The result of attachment call can be used by attachment_touch.

The next API update will contain two commands to wear and take off clothes, it is ready to get published, we are testing these calls now.

AdminBot v1.8: group notice with inventory attachments

SmartBots AdminBot library has been updated to version 1.8 and now supports group notices with attachments.

The notice delivery is being performed as before (by using SB_NOTICE_SEND command) but can be accompanied by intentory UUID parameter.

The inventory UUID is an unique identifier of inventory item of the bot. You can obtain this UUID by opening bot’s inventory page in your account, see this page for screenshots.

Get new AdminBot

The full history of AdminBot is available here, the most recent version is available at SL Marketplace.

P.S. We’ve also updated the logo of AdminBot – you can see it on this page and at SL Marketplace page.

Updating the inventory permissions

SmartBots bots are able to give out inventory: as notice attachments and while inviting visitors to the Second Life group.

Now you can set the “next owner’s” permissions by using  SmartBots web account, and set the end-user permissions for the inventory items to deliver (copy only, copy+trans or whatever you need).

See the SmartBots documentation page for details.

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