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New HTTP API Command: Give money

New HTTP API command

New HTTP API command

A new command has been added to the HTTP API. The give_money command allows you to send a specific amount of money  to an avatar.

You can find documentation on all functions in the SmartBots HTTP API documentation.

New SBSL Events

Now you can create greeters with the two new events added to SBSL!SmartBots new SBSL events

You can now detect when an avatar enters a parcel using avatar_in_parcel or when one exits using avatar_out_parcel

These events are disabled on all bots by default, if you would like this event enabled on your bot please file a support ticket from your account dashboard. They will be activated within 24hrs by our programmers.

To view more information please view the SBSL Events list on our wiki.

New Bot API functions to join and leave groups

New HTTP API commands have been added: group_join and group_leave.

These commands are more than just expansion of existing SmartBots functionality. These functions allow creating fully-functional automatic services based on SmartBots bots.

There are currently several fully-functional in-world services in SL, and joining/leaving the group was the most troublesome aspect for these service owners. Now the whole process can be automated for third-party services.

The new location of documentation on HTTP API

The following information is intended for LSL scripters who create devices using SmartBots APIs.

The SmartBots HTTP API documentation was stored in Google Docs previously. Now this documentation section has been moved to standard SmartBots docs to have unified look and feel.

The HTTP API commands reference is now available at

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