give_money – new SBSL command

SBSL new command: give_moneyA new command for SBSL (SmartBots Bot Scripting Language) has been published: give_money.

This command allows sending money to other avatars from your SBSL scripts (for example, within a role-playing scenario or access control system).

You can find the give_money command syntax in SmartBots SBSL documentation. (more…)

New SBSL Events

Now you can create greeters with the two new events added to SBSL!SmartBots new SBSL events

You can now detect when an avatar enters a parcel using avatar_in_parcel or when one exits using avatar_out_parcel

These events are disabled on all bots by default, if you would like this event enabled on your bot please file a support ticket from your account dashboard. They will be activated within 24hrs by our programmers.

To view more information please view the SBSL Events list on our wiki.

SBSL now with user-defined variables support

SBSL variables added for Second Life bot programmingSBSL – the simple programming language to control your Second Life bots – have been extended to support the user-defined variables.

Now it is possible to declare a variable and pass its value across different SBSL events, writing more complicated scripts. See SBSL docs for more info on user variables!

The SBSL documentation itself has been rewritten and extended too. Now each command has its own documentation page with a syntax explanation, comments and examples. Visit SBSL commands list section to see the difference.

SBSL is currently being used by more than 200 bot owners (with several hundreds of scripts running). You may use SBSL to process SL bot’s events in-place, or pass them to your web script (e.g. php) for a complex processing. SmartBots Support Bot uses SBSL to process customers’ inquiries.

AdminBot and HTTP API can check residents’ groups now

AdminBot and HTTP API now can check residents' groupsSmartBots HTTP API and AdminBot LSL library have been expanded by two useful commands today.

HTTP API commands set have been extended by adding a new avatar_groups command. This command returns all visible groups of SL resident (both group UUIDs and names). The command is powered with filter parameters to fit to LSL http reply (2048 bytes).

AdminBot LSL library has got a new command and a new event. The new command SB_AVATAR_GROUP receives two parameters: the group name (or UUID) and avatar UUID. The library checks if avatar is a member of the group and returns a reply to your LSL script using a new SB_GROUP_CHECKED event.

You can find the commands’ details in SmartBots documentation by clicking on the links above. AdminBot LSL example is also available here.

P.S. We’ve completely refined the AdminBot Commands documentation page for your convenience! Now each AdminBot command has its own description page (with examples, too).

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