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New payment option gives 5% bonus!

We added a new payment option: fund SmartBots Wallet directly from your L$ balance using SpeedLight viewer.

SpeedLight is a web and mobile viewer (iOS, Android apps available; or using any web browser). Developed by SmartBots team. Visit for more info!

You can fund yours or any other wallet (e.g. pay for your friend).

All payments from SpeedLight come with 5% bonus!
You just get 5% more on your Wallet.

How to fund Wallet from SpeedLight

  1. Login to SL using SpeedLight –
  2. Open “L$ and transactions” page
  3. Select Pay to SmartBots:


Try SpeedLight! It is cool, handy and developed by our team :)

give_money – new SBSL command

SBSL new command: give_moneyA new command for SBSL (SmartBots Bot Scripting Language) has been published: give_money.

This command allows sending money to other avatars from your SBSL scripts (for example, within a role-playing scenario or access control system).

You can find the give_money command syntax in SmartBots SBSL documentation. (more…)

SmartBots Wallet – the safety of your subscriptions

Wallet: the safety of your SmartBots subscriptionsThe Wallet feature has become available for all SmartBots customers. This is an option to keep your subscriptions active – especially during upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

You can fund money to the Wallet and system will automatically use them to prolong your subscriptions (either groups or personal bots). Wallet can be loaded with L$, PayPal and credit cards, making the payments easier in some cases.

Christmas bonus

With a new Wallet the bonus and discount system of SmartBots becomes more flexible. To show that, we give the special Christmas bonus – 20% – till Dec 29th. Merry Christmas!


Franchise updates – more reliable payments

We’ve updated SmartBots Franchise program today to get rid of the most important issues.

The payment terminal and franchise scheme were updated to help franchisees receiving all commission. The problem was like following: customers creating accounts in franchise office, but then paying in main SmartBots office. Franchisees were loosing their commission this way…


Franchise owners asked to cover this situation, and we’ve did the following changes:

  1. The franchise commission is being stored in the database now. Earnings and can be received using your SmartBots account.
  2. Every new customer touching your payment terminal automatically get assigned to you.
  3. You receive your commission regardless of the terminal your customers use.

You won’t loose your commission anymore. The additional advantage is that you get the detailed payment statistics of your franchise at SmartBots website.

Get Involved!

To join SmartBots Franchise for free, get the free package at SL Marketplace.

Free package includes 5% commission and does not require any special setup (just rez boards and terminals). If you feel you deserve more commission, visit official Franchise page and contact SmartBots franchise manager.