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SmartBots Wallet – the safety of your subscriptions

Wallet: the safety of your SmartBots subscriptionsThe Wallet feature has become available for all SmartBots customers. This is an option to keep your subscriptions active – especially during upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

You can fund money to the Wallet and system will automatically use them to prolong your subscriptions (either groups or personal bots). Wallet can be loaded with L$, PayPal and credit cards, making the payments easier in some cases.

Christmas bonus

With a new Wallet the bonus and discount system of SmartBots becomes more flexible. To show that, we give the special Christmas bonus – 20% – till Dec 29th. Merry Christmas!


BOTS at SLCAPEX: special offer for SmartBots customers

Dear customers! Thank you for managing your business with SmartBots! We really appreciate your choice and promise to provide more and more services for you!

Purchasing  BOTS shares

As you may know, SmartBots is a public company now, and you can buy SmartBots shares at SLCAPEX. Taking into account that BOTS shares price increases (10% more now), we would like to offer you to buy your very own part of SmartBots.

To make this purchase more  pleasing, we have a personal bonuses for customers buying SmartBots shares. This page explains the bonus structure we currently offer, along with how-to videos.

You can buy BOTS shares right now. If you need any help, please contact Glaznah Gassner (the CEO) or Calgacus Swords (Senior Support manager) for details.