New HTTP API Commands

New HTTP API command: sit The HTTP API library has been expanded with two new commands:

give_money_object – Commands bot to send money to an object using its UUID. Please note that the bot and the object must be in the same sim.

rebake – Sends a query to the current sim asking it to rebake the bots textures and reload them (Server Side Appearance).

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment on the wiki page!


New HTTP API Commands

We have added two new HTTP API commands:New HTTP API command: sit

touch prim:

Command the bot to touch a prim in-world using UUID

touch prim coord:

Command the bot to touch a prim at a certain coordinate

New feature!

We’ve also  added a new feature to the API documentation called InstAPI link. It allows developers to click the link in API documentation and get our API Test Suite filled with the necessary data. Developer just needs to put the bot name, bot access code and his developer’s key. Moreover, if developer already used the API Test Suite once, the bot name and other data will be substituted automatically.

You can view a list of all our HTTP API commands here.

New HTTP API Command: Give money

New HTTP API command

New HTTP API command

A new command has been added to the HTTP API. The give_money command allows you to send a specific amount of money  to an avatar.

You can find documentation on all functions in the SmartBots HTTP API documentation.

Bots API update: reply dialog and attachments list

SmartBots HTTP API has been extended by adding two new functions:

  • reply_dialog
  • attachments

reply_dialog API call makes possible to send dialog replies to negative channels (say_chat_channel allows only zero and positive channels.

attachments API call can be used to get all attachments of your SL bot (including HUD attachments). The command supports several useful options to filter return values. The result of attachment call can be used by attachment_touch.

The next API update will contain two commands to wear and take off clothes, it is ready to get published, we are testing these calls now.

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