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Typing Notification: new HTTP API and Playground command

We added two new commands that allow you to control the typing notifications sent by your bot to other residents:

The same for Bot Playground:


New API and Playgrounds function – status

The new function has been added to SmartBots HTTP API and Bots Playgroundstatus.

The function returns:

  • bot details,
  • current bot’s online status: is it logging in, offline or online,
  • the current location if the bot is online in-world.

Check the related documentation pages:

New HTTP API Commands

New HTTP API command: sit The HTTP API library has been expanded with two new commands:

give_money_object – Commands bot to send money to an object using its UUID. Please note that the bot and the object must be in the same sim.

rebake – Sends a query to the current sim asking it to rebake the bots textures and reload them (Server Side Appearance).

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment on the wiki page!


New HTTP API Commands

We have added two new HTTP API commands:New HTTP API command: sit

touch prim:

Command the bot to touch a prim in-world using UUID

touch prim coord:

Command the bot to touch a prim at a certain coordinate

New feature!

We’ve also  added a new feature to the API documentation called InstAPI link. It allows developers to click the link in API documentation and get our API Test Suite filled with the necessary data. Developer just needs to put the bot name, bot access code and his developer’s key. Moreover, if developer already used the API Test Suite once, the bot name and other data will be substituted automatically.

You can view a list of all our HTTP API commands here.

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