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Delete Bot Inventory

delete-second-life-bot-inventoryYou can now delete your personal bots’ items from your web browser!

The Personal Bot Inventory Browser has been updated so that you can now delete items without having to login as the bot.

Click here to read more about the Personal Bot Inventory Browser.

Updating the inventory permissions

SmartBots bots are able to give out inventory: as notice attachments and while inviting visitors to the Second Life group.

Now you can set the “next owner’s” permissions by using Ā SmartBots web account, and set the end-user permissions for the inventory items to deliver (copy only, copy+trans or whatever you need).

See the SmartBots documentation page for details.

Give out the inventory item along with group invite

As I’ve mentioned in the previous blog post, we were working on inventory to be delivered with the group invitation.

This feature has been published today and available for use:

Inviter => View options => Give inventory

The usage is completely free. Also, another option has been added to turn your inviter into the greeter: bot can send the IMs while inviting visitors to your group (existing group members won’t be invited).

Scheduled notices can be sent with attachments

All notices being sent with SmartBots can be sent along with attachment! All types of the attachments are allowed: notecards, landmarks or whatever else.

To use your inventory item as a notice attachment, simply drop it to your SmartBots SL bot. After you do that, this inventory item can be selected to create the SL group notice.

This option is available with both one-time and scheduled notices.