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Introducing templates for Advanced Notices

The Advanced Notices add-on just got a Templates update!

Templates helps you launching repetitive notices. Create your templates once and re-use them creating new notices within few mouse clicks! Templates also allow the “variable” injection to quickly customize each new notice you launch.

Your templates belong to you only. Nobody can use them except you and your Trusted Managers.


Scheduled Instant Messages

The new SmartBots feature allows sending the scheduled group IMs. They work similar to scheduled automatic notices: you specify the message text, delivery schedule – and your Second Life bot starts sending the messages automatically.

Flexible delivery time

Another update relates to IM/notice delivery time. You are not limited to 2 times per day anymore: now you can add as much delivery hours as you need (this relates both to new automatic IMs and group notices).

Trying automatic IMs

The scheduled IMs are available within the “Group Chat” SmartBots service. You can enable this service by logging to your account and clicking “add/remove services”. If you would like to try the new IMs for free, contact Glaznah Gassner in-world.

Scheduled notices can be sent with attachments

All notices being sent with SmartBots can be sent along with attachment! All types of the attachments are allowed: notecards, landmarks or whatever else.

To use your inventory item as a notice attachment, simply drop it to your SmartBots SL bot. After you do that, this inventory item can be selected to create the SL group notice.

This option is available with both one-time and scheduled notices.