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SmartBots HUD Chat allows “Search For Resident” Option

A new feature is available for SmartBots personal bots Live Chat.

SmartBots bot Live Chat allows you to chat in-world with other residents through your Personal Bot. From now on, Live Chat allows you to establish a new chat sessions by entering a Second Life name.

This is how it looks:


Bot subscription notifications control

Bot subscription notifications (the forthcoming subscription expiration and expired subscription messages) can be configured for each personal bot now.

You can specify if you would like to get an e-mail notification, Second Life IM  or both. If you don’t plan to extend your bot’s subscription, you can uncheck the checkboxes and system won’t annoy you anymore.

The options can be found in bot’s Settings page: locate your bot image and click “settings” link.

Scheduled Instant Messages

The new SmartBots feature allows sending the scheduled group IMs. They work similar to scheduled automatic notices: you specify the message text, delivery schedule – and your Second Life bot starts sending the messages automatically.

Flexible delivery time

Another update relates to IM/notice delivery time. You are not limited to 2 times per day anymore: now you can add as much delivery hours as you need (this relates both to new automatic IMs and group notices).

Trying automatic IMs

The scheduled IMs are available within the “Group Chat” SmartBots service. You can enable this service by logging to your account and clicking “add/remove services”. If you would like to try the new IMs for free, contact Glaznah Gassner in-world.