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SSTI version 2.0 – the great update!

SSTI v2: Reminders, tenant change and more!The new version of SmartShare Tenant Inviter (SSTI) has been released – v2.00!

This version is a major update of the whole system (server + plugins + website), everyone is recommended to update. The improvements include:

  1. Box expiration reminders.
    Your bot will send IMs to tenants who are expiring or already expired!
  2. Various stability and performance improvements.
    New Hippo plugin works better, faster and more reliable.
  3. Box tenant change is now supported.
    You can easily replace (edit) the Hippo box tenant now using a native Hippo box menu.
  4. Website interface refined.
    We’ve made the web interface more informative (especially the history and search pages).
  5. Automatic box scripts update.
    Updating 500+ Hippo boxes to a new SSTI version is usually a problem… not with v2.00+!


Strange group eject notifications explained by LL

Some Second Life group owners have received a strange notifications after ejecting residents from the group.  For example, the messages may look like this:

[21:30] Earn2Life Restless: by Earn2Life Restless. Resident have been ejected from ‘Earn2Life – earn L$500-1000 a day’. 

If you examine this message thoroughly you’ll see that some words are misplaced and the name of the ejected resident is not visible.

We’ve contacted LL support to get a comment on this issue and they confirmed this bug on SL servers side. It occurs in some regions because of a combination of several mysterious factors. LL representative promised to fix this bug till the end of the week.

So, if you get such message, don’t worry – LL is aware about this problem and already fixing it.

Bot subscription notifications control

Bot subscription notifications (the forthcoming subscription expiration and expired subscription messages) can be configured for each personal bot now.

You can specify if you would like to get an e-mail notification, Second Life IM  or both. If you don’t plan to extend your bot’s subscription, you can uncheck the checkboxes and system won’t annoy you anymore.

The options can be found in bot’s Settings page: locate your bot image and click “settings” link.