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Strange group eject notifications explained by LL

Some Second Life group owners have received a strange notifications after ejecting residents from the group.  For example, the messages may look like this:

[21:30] Earn2Life Restless: by Earn2Life Restless. Resident have been ejected from ‘Earn2Life – earn L$500-1000 a day’. 

If you examine this message thoroughly you’ll see that some words are misplaced and the name of the ejected resident is not visible.

We’ve contacted LL support to get a comment on this issue and they confirmed this bug on SL servers side. It occurs in some regions because of a combination of several mysterious factors. LL representative promised to fix this bug till the end of the week.

So, if you get such message, don’t worry – LL is aware about this problem and already fixing it.

Getting a smooth Hi-res texture for Second Life bot

We’ve fixed a very important disadvantage of almost all known Second Life bots – the rough look of hi-res body textures. SL desktop viewers workaround this problem, but bots were affected.

One of our customers selling hi-resolution Second Life textures asked us to ensure that his Second Life bots look exactly as using SL viewer, and we’ve managed to resolve this problem.

Another minor issue fixed today (also affecting a lot of other bots) is a reliable eject routine. Since we were updating standard libraries, we’ve fixed this problem too.

Thus, if you still see a rough grainy textures on your Second Life bot, or if you lack a reliable eject routine – welcome to SmartBots!

Chat now indicates the missing abilities

Some of our customers were experiencing troubles kicking out the chat spammers, because there were no message to determine the missing “Eject” ability.

The diagnostic message has been added and now tells if your bot is unable to eject users from the group. Use your SL client to turn on the “Eject members from this group” ability.

P.S. Remember that ejected members fall into the Blacklist, and will never receive an invitation from SmartBots.