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WebTalk fixed and improved for your websites

20150827---webtalk-improvedDo you know what SmartBots WebTalk is? This is an HTML snippet you can install to your website and display your Second Life group chat LIVE!

Moreover, your website visitors can join the chat and send messages from the browser. We ensure the conversation security by asking users to login using any social network: Google+, Facebook, Youtube etc.

WebTalk snippet tool has been published while ago, and it is time to improve it. The new version has been just published:

  • We’ve changed the social login provider to the industry-standard one. That’s for reliability.
  • We’ve slightly changed the web chat layout. That’s for a nicer look and feel.
  • Finally, we’ve changed the snipped code: now it loads chat in background. That’s for your website to load faster.

This is how WebTalk chat looks now (visit for a live version):

You can read more about WebTalk by visiting our documentation page.
Oh, and this snipped is free when you are using the Group Chat Control service!

P.S. If you already have a WebTalk snippet installed on your website, the new chat version will be used automatically. However, you may want to replace an HTML code to a new one, with an asynchronous load. This new code can be found in your SmartBots account.

PandoraBots AI autoresponder is back!

Pandorabots AI is back workingThe PandoraBots AI autoresponder is back working with SmartBots!

Pandorabots service has gone offline in February and was inaccessible for several weeks. After the service was reinstated it turned out that all AIML (AI language files) have been lost, including SmartBots configs.

Guys from Pandorabots were working to restore these configs, and finally they got restored SmartBots brains as well. Now AI autoresponder is working back again!

Using AI autoresponder with a rule-based Simple Autoresponder

SmartBots has its own simple autoresponder module which works based on simple rules (read the documentation). You can use any autoresponder you wish: Pandora, Simple or even both.

Note: if you are using a Simple Autoresponder now, please talk to the bot to ensure that you don’t get replies both from AI and Simple engines.

Group Chat AntiSpam device updated: allowed words added

SmartBots Group Chat AntiSpam device has been updated. The new config directive has been added: “WHITE WORDS”.

This directive allows some words to be told on group chat. Imagine that you want to protect your Second Life group against spammers, and forbid them to send URLs and SLURLs. You add the following directive to config notecard:

STOPWORDS = http://

This blocks spammers from sending URLs and SLURLs. But what about your own customers and support? Sometimes they need to say your business SLURL to the chat. Add the new directive

WHITE WORDS = secondlife/My%Region%Name/

and all messages containing this string will be considered safe.

You can get the new updated AntiSpam device at SL Marketplace for free.


A new feature to moderate the Group Chat

A new feature to moderate group chat available.

Now you can write the specific reason to the special box within pop-up menu of Chat Control. This reason will be sent to the group rule violator automatically (using direct IM from the bot).

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