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Powerful inventory browser, appearance accelerator and APIs

SmartBots Blog October 19, 2012 by Glaznah Gassner

We’ve published an important software update today, involving both bot software, website and our APIs.

Online Inventory Browser

The most noticeable update is the new Inventory Browser in bot control panel. Now you can browse bot’s folders and perform basic operations with these items:

  • wear and take off clothes
  • attach objects
  • change inventory objects’ permissions

This is just a first step to fully-functional inventory manager: we will add animation support, delivery and other features soon.

Bot Appearance Rapid-Processor

We’ve completely rewritten the internal bot’s appearance processor (now called SmartBots Rapid-Processor). This means that bot will be able to wear and take off its clothes in few seconds now. Moreover, it will be able to change outfits without reloading textures every time!

We will use these improvements for our Alive Dancer Bot which can strip its clothes on other residents’ requests. Another Rapid-Processor usage is Alive Shop Model which is also under construction.

APIs for Developers

All new features are backed up by SmartBots API so all developers will be able to use the new features: its listinventory, wear and takeoff calls.

What’s next?

The next important website update will contain Group Browser (the tool to manage bot’s groups, activate groups and roles, control group members).

We are preparing to roll out first Alive Bots: Barkeeper and Dancer bot. Stay tuned!

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