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Outfit Rotator Released!

Yor-blogpostou’ve been asking for this and we’ve listened! Introducing the newest add-on here at SmartBots, the Outfit Rotator!

A handy add-on for Personal Bots to automatically change your bot’s clothes!

  • Extremely user-friendly web interface!
  • Set duration of seconds (for how long bot should wear outfits)
  • Local Chat announcement message: To describe & promote each worn outfit

So if you own a clothing store and are running a promo for a certain outfit, the bot will broadcast this information to anyone in the vicinity.

Where to get it?

The Outfit Rotator is already available to you through our add-on store. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yours today!

Don’t hesitate to let our Support Team know your thoughts. We love your feedbacks and suggestions!

A Thank You Just For You

Use the coupon SEEMEWEARING, you’ll get 50% off of the original price – hurry up, it’s valid for one week only!

Server Side Appearance to be rolled out in July

SL server side appearanceLinden Lab has informed third-party viewer developers that a new avatar appearance engine, Server Side Appearance will be published grid-wide in July.

This means that multiple alpha layers and other appearance issues will be automatically resolved: SL servers will take care of avatar appearance and textures, and your bot’s look and feel won’t change when you switch control from a viewer to bot software.

We’ve tested SmartBots and our bots with LL representative recently to ensure that switching to Server Side Appearance won’t mess your bot skin and outfits. All tests have been passed smoothly, including meshes+multiple alpha layers.