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Monday’s Live Stream: Group Activity Booster

You’ve liked our first Live Steam a lot and we’ve decided to go live again on Monday, Nov 11th at 15:00 SLT. The translation will be dedicated to our Group Activity Booster device (also known as GAB).

About GAB

We’ve released this device few years ago, and it is extremely useful to boost the parcel traffic and get members to the group.

GAB device periodically “summons” residents to your parcel. You set the small payment (from L$1) to the first N residents arriving and staying on your parcel for a time you desire. And most of visitors usually stay in parcel till the next round, increasing your traffic even more.

What’s next?

And stay tuned!

New group listing wizard

We’ve published the group listing wizard available for all customers.

The wizard makes the new group listing much easier and understandable (especially for new users):

  1. Invite SL bot to the group and see if it is really able to join
  2. See which group abilities are missing

SmartBots Live Support is still at your service whenever you need a help, but wizard makes solving the most of the problems easier, even without assistance.