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RLV Support Add-On Updated!

This blog is addressed to recent issues regarding RLV Support add-on. For the past few days our team has been working on improving the stability and functionality of the following add-on.

The following fixes are applied:

  • RLV dialogs now begin responding faster after bot relog (few seconds instead of minute)
  • Items lock/unlock now properly working
  • Worn items displayed correctly in RLV folder dialogs
  • Improved compatibility with a lot of RLV devices

If you have any devices which have compatibility issues, please contact our 24/7 Support Team

SmartBots helpdesk with tickets

We are launching a Tickets Support Portal to give you an alternative to our Live Chat.

Sometimes you prefer ticket over a live chat; sometimes the problem is complex so we want to keep you informed about the progress. In all cases, tickets portal is a must-have support tool!

Use SmartBots tickets portal to post your question from now on!

All Systems Online!

The problem has been fixed! Some users were experiencing issues earlier this morning where they could not login their bots or their HUD’s showed an incorrect online status. Unfortunately it seems one of the bot servers went offline but it is back up now and everything is working fine!

If you have any questions feel free to contact using the live chat widget!

SupportBot management interface got updated

SupportBots module has been published!Support Bot management interface has been updated to make a requests management easier.

Along with this, notification delivery functions of Support Bot has been improved: messages sent to your support managers are being delivered in a reliable manner now.

 About SupportBot

Support Bot is your SL alt which sits in your in-world office 24/7 and accepts messages from your visitors and customers. Incoming messages are being forwarded to your human support managers, with an ability for you to track this using the web interface.

We have a nice video explaining the nature of Support Bot module.

This is how Support Bot interface looks now:


You can get Support Bot module in our Store. As usual, an update-related discount coupon: use SUPPORTISCHEAPER coupon code to get 50% discount (valid for 4 days only!).

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