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Support Bot Update

We have some exciting news to share with you. Our Alive Support Bot add-on has received an update.

Now, you can customize the messages it sends for each of your bots, giving you more control over how it interacts with your users or customers:

We’ve also:

  • made some internal tweaks to improve performance,
  • added the “Integrations” section to provide a single glance view of all integrations you have.

Support Bot Update, Again!

Support Bot Update A new update has been published for the Support Bot module!

Now you can temporarily pause your Support Bot while you are actively using the Live IMs module by clicking the checkbox on the live IM page:


Special Discount:

Use the coupon code “IAMINCHARGE” to get 50% off on either the Support Bot or Live IMs module! Offer valid until January 4, 2016.

Support Bot bot friendliness

SupportBots module has been published!We’ve recently discovered a minor problem with Support Bot friendliness. The bot is supposed to greet your visitor once he starts typing (even before he sends away the message).

This is how this greeting message looks like (with the default Support Bot settings):


The secret is that bot reacts on visitor’s “XXX started typing” notification. However, it turned out that (some) SL regions (sometimes) forget to send this notification. The reasons are quite obscure, but they prevent support bot from greeting your visitor.

We did a tiny workaround: bot also tracks the “stopped typing” notification which still arrive. Bot uses it to ensure that greeting has been sent to the visitor. Since most of residents do short pauses while typing (usually after “Hello”), the bot is always aware of a new contact.

We are very grateful to our customer whose bot helped to locate and resolve this issue!

Today’s blog-post-coupon is ALWAYSYOURS, it gives 30% discount while purchasing the Support Bot module in our Store.

SupportBot management interface got updated

SupportBots module has been published!Support Bot management interface has been updated to make a requests management easier.

Along with this, notification delivery functions of Support Bot has been improved: messages sent to your support managers are being delivered in a reliable manner now.

 About SupportBot

Support Bot is your SL alt which sits in your in-world office 24/7 and accepts messages from your visitors and customers. Incoming messages are being forwarded to your human support managers, with an ability for you to track this using the web interface.

We have a nice video explaining the nature of Support Bot module.

This is how Support Bot interface looks now:


You can get Support Bot module in our Store. As usual, an update-related discount coupon: use SUPPORTISCHEAPER coupon code to get 50% discount (valid for 4 days only!).

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